I haven’t updated in a while because I haven’t gotten much writing done lately. BUT today I reached the halfway point in A WOMAN CALLED MARY. I am at pg 149, shooting for 300 pages. Had a bit of a heartbreak today… got two pages written (two hours’ work) then my WORD program had a glitch and shut down without saving my work. And it was good writing, too. I managed to rewrite it, but I don’t think it is as good as the first attempt. Oh, well, these things happen for a reason. The second version must be better than the first or it wouldn’t have happened that way.

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  1. Amy Hufford

    Good to hear your next book is coming along so well. I look forward to reading it. I too have lost writing to the glitches of WORD and I have a really nice website that eliminate that problem. It’s mywritingspot.com. It has an app for iPods and smart phones that allows you to write off of those devices without the use of Internet. All you got to do is synch your Internet account to your app and you will have the recent changes on both.

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