I am having a snow day today.  I am not going anywhere or doing anything except working on writing SONS OF THUNDER.  I have gotten 5 more page written today!  I slept in (really late), got up and worked on writing a little while, took a two-hour nap, worked on writing a little more, and now I am going to lay down and see if I can find a good movie to watch.  Then I may write a little more.  Trying to get to that magic half-way point, 150 pages!  I am almost there; up to page 145!  It is being a real good story, and not too hard to write.  I had been a little intimidated by the idea before I started it, but what else is new.  I feel that way before I start any story that is important like this one (and THE MAN FROM CYRENE, and A WOMAN CALLED MARY).

I’m trying not to think about what’s next, though a good idea was thrown at me the other day by my Jewish editor.  I want to take a year off after writing SONS OF THUNDER and focus on marketing and trying to find an agent/publisher.  But we will just have to wait and see.  If inspiration hits me hard I will just have to write the next one and let the Lord handle those details.


Oh, well, I’ll go for now and check out what movies are on this lazy Sunday afternoon…

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